U.S. Life expectancy is on the decline –

Learn how to increase your own longevity and live life to the fullest!

Did you know that life expectancy in the United States is down approximately 2.7 years from 2019, despite out-spending every other comparable nation by more than $4,000 per person annually? Of course, COVID played a significant role; but while other nations have rebounded to their pre-COVID life expectancy estimates – which were already significantly higher than us – the U.S. has not.

The reasons for this are too complex to explore in a monthly newsletter, but there are steps that YOU can take to improve your own personal longevity – while continuing to live your life to the fullest.

In this month’s Wellness Connection video, Dr. Matt talks about some of the things you can do to beat the odds and things you need to watch out for as you age.

Of course, the experts at Allied Physical Therapy Wellness Community are always standing by ready to help get you back to what you love – and keep you doing all those things for as long as possible! Just call for an appointment, or visit us online at alliedpt.com!

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Please help us welcome our newest team members; Dr. Dalton, Dr. Emily and Paula, PTA! 🎉 We are so very happy to have them at Allied Physical Therapy Wellness Community – helping YOU get back to what you love! ❤️