Skip the Script!

With direct access to your physical therapist, you can skip the Doctors prescription and save time and money.

New laws have empowered patients to no longer suffer through the barrier to physical therapy of scheduling Doctor’s visits, seeing a specialist, having an MRI, to only then arriving to physical therapy.

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Let’s just use the step of getting an MRI as an example. Patients who get imaging such as an MRI before receiving physical therapy spend $4,793 more than if they simply went to physical therapy to begin with.

If you do receive an MRI and it does show some discrepancies, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is the cause of the pain you may be experiencing.

Even in perfectly healthy 20-year-olds, there is a  37% chance that an MRI will show disk degeneration when they don’t have any pain symptoms.

So why waste time and money on tests that are expensive and don’t tell the whole story anyway? Simply schedule your appointment with one of our physical therapists and get back to what you love faster.

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