We know that the true reason why guests visit us isn’t just to relieve pain, it’s to get back to what they love doing. So, that’s our mission.

Our Approach


The outcome of following the journey is a change in lifestyle and habits that keeps the guest doing what they love. They reach the destination but have a change in identity by following the path to get there.


The guest begins a journey by following the path that their guide, and expert physical therapist, lays out for them. The therapist gives them the direction and tools they’ll need to reach their destination.


The story begins when a guest visits us with an issue that they need help to solve. They have a destination where they want to be but are unsure how to get there.

Meet Our Team

The Allied Physical Therapy team is exactly that – a team. We understand each others’ strengths – allowing each individual team member to shine at whatever they do best. Our guests truly benefit from this philosophy because they will truly always receive the very best of care.

Best-in-Class Support Staff

Patrick Lewis
Lead Wellness Guide

Julia Lancaster
Wellness Guide

Logan Hostuttler
Wellness Guide

Marvin Hernandez
Wellness Guide

Billy Sherrier
Wellness Guide

Natalie Fritsch
Wellness Guide

Dr. Susanne Benedict

Doctor of Physical Therapy

“This is my second family. I am inspired by those around me and am encouraged and empowered to grow every day. I can live my calling here at Allied.”

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Our expert therapists are  available!

Allied’s expert physical therapists are available to speak to your office, school, or organization concerning TMJ/TMD, cervical spine, general fitness and wellness and pelvic floor issues, as well as practice management leadership.

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