Patient FAQ’s

Physical therapy is a non-invasive alternative for treating pain without the need of surgery or medication. Instead of using pills, physical therapists use movement and exercise to treat various types of conditions to get you back to what you love faster. 
On the first visit, new patients are required to bring with them their insurance card and a photo IDNo referral is required to see a Physical Therapist but if you did receive one from your doctor please bring that as well. The patient then must fill out paperwork to obtain medical history and other information. A new patient should give themselves about 15 minutes before the start of there appointment to give themselves time to fill out this paperwork or patients can download this paperwork here.
On the first visit, new patients are evaluated by one of our Physical Therapists. This evaluation is used to create a specialized physical therapy treatment plan that will fit the patients needs. The patient and therapist then discuss what the patient loves to do and how they can get back to that activity as soon as possible.
After your initial eval by a Physical Therapist your follow up visits will be with a Physical Therapist or a Physical Therapist Assistant. This therapy team will follow the plan of treatment that was established during your evaluation while making the needed adjustments as you progress in your treatment.
The answer to this question varies greatly for each patient. Our goal is to have you move on to the Wellness step of the Getting You Back to What You Love Model. A patient reaches the Wellness step when they are able to apply the education, tools, and knowledge they have learned and no longer need the experience of a physical therapist to manage their condition.