April 2020 Newsletter

April 2020 Newsletter

Do you suffer from Pressure, Pain or Discomfort after hysterectomy? 😳 Allied’s pelvic floor therapy specialists can help! Did you know that 600,000 American women will undergo a hysterectomy this year? Or that nearly 20 million American women have had...
Allied PT April 2019 Newsletter

Allied PT April 2019 Newsletter

Let’s talk about poo. 💩 And pee. And sex. 😱 Oh my! Whether you are a man or a woman – if one of these things isn’t working right – you have a right to be miserable. But we can help! Sometimes, we wish we were as free to talk about these things as...

What is Physical Therapy?

Of course, you have options when it comes to seeking help for treatment of your aches, pains and injuries. But how to decide? Should you call your doctor first? Read on to learn more about making the right choice for you.


We’re privileged that you have chosen Allied Physical Therapy to help get you back to what you love. We go the extra mile to ensure an uplifting experience – body, mind and spirit. 

Welcome Providers

At Allied Physical Therapy, we go the extra mile to ensure an uplifting experience – body, mind and spirit – for your patients. Just FAX us the info, and we take care of the rest! 

About Us

The Allied Physical Therapy team is exactly that – a team. We understand each others’ strengths – allowing each individual team member to shine at whatever they do best. Our guests truly benefit from this philosophy because they will truly always receive the very best of care.