Dr. Mike Karegeannes recommends:

Tools for Diagnosis & Treatment

A listing of tools used by Dr. Karegeannes to properly diagnose and treat TMD

TMD Supplements

A list of natural supplements that may help help ease the symptoms of TMD

Craniocervical Flexion Test

For patients with neck pain disorders; acute, subacute and chronic presentations.

Reading Resources

A list of books, papers, journals and other reading materials focused on TMD

TMD Migraine Prescription Pad

Some compounding pharmacological topical agents Dr. Karegeannes uses.


Six red flags may indicate Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing

TMD Course Pre / Post Test

A test to compare knowledge of TMJ issues both before and after course.

Custom Compounding

Individualized pain treatment for each unique patient

Dry Needle Placement

Cadaveric validation of dry needle placement in the lateral pterygoid muscle.