Why Do Our Spines Get Stiff When We Age?

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As we age certain part of our body become stiffer than they once did especially our spines. Often times this makes it hard to walk, bend, or even play a round of golf. Sure, we could take a pain killer or get an invasive surgery but there are many more options out there. In this post, I will disclose why our spines become stiff and sometimes achy as we age, the anatomy of the spine, the symptoms commonly experienced, and what you can do about it.

Spine Anatomy Made Simple







Why Our Spines Become Stiff & Achy

Our spines become stiff and achy as we age because our disc shrinks in size. As a result, our joints become closer to together and less movement becomes available. This is one of the many reasons why taking care of your spine at a younger age is so important- it slows down the degeneration process.

Symptoms Commonly Experienced

The most common symptoms experienced by patients with a stiff and achy spine are:

  1. Morning stiffness and pain is worst than afternoon
  2. Difficulty bending backwards or turning
  3. Bending forward is better
  4. Exercise and movement decrease pain (in most cases)
  5. No nerve or shooting pains down the leg
  6. No nausea, vomiting, unexpected weight loss

What You Can Do About It

So now that we have disclosed just about everything you wanted to know about a stiff and achy spine. We have saved the best for last. That is- what you can do about it.

Contrary to belief, there is always something you can or shouldn’t be doing. This can be a form of exercise, gentle stretching of muscles, strengthening of your core, or even educating the patient on certain tasks you shouldn’t perform anymore. Sometimes, granted, expert care is needed if these options don’t work such as seeing a specialty trained physical therapist.

Below is just some of the most common clinical examples that we have found to help patients aged 40 to 65 +







Many people aged 40 to 65+ suffer each day from limitations in mobility of their spines and a dull ache. Often times we, the general population, think nothing can be done. As a result, we often suffer, rely on pain killers, or even sign up for expensive and invasive surgeries with no guarantee of working. Give these exercises a try and see what works best with your spine. If it doesn’t seem to help, well, you know that you can always call us for expert help.





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