Are You Setting Yourself Up For Lower Back Pain by Doing This?

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Are You Setting Yourself Up For Lower Back Pain?

We all have hurt our lower backs at one point in time or another. If not, we at least know of a friend, colleague, or family member that has. Sadly, most lower back pain can be prevented if only  the general population were more educated on what to do and not to do. Below I am going to disclose the number one reason why patients come into my clinic and the best part about it all, 90% of it is avoidable.

The Number One Reason

The number one reason why most patients come and see me for lower back pain and sciatica usually stems from sitting too much. Due to prolonged sitting, our bodies don’t move like they once did. As a result, when we go to play golf, walk on the beach, or bend to pick-up an object we throw our backs out. Ouch!


Why Sitting Hurts Our Back

Sitting hurts our backs for many reasons but the number one reason is because our spines were not adapted to handle the stress of sitting. For instance, when we sit it has been found through research that it puts the must pressure on our discs. As a result, the disc and spine is more susceptible to injury and insult.

What You Can Do About It

To take stress and strain off your back you can simply stop sitting as much! Another way is to change how we sit (see video below). As you can see, no wonder we spend $50 billion dollars in management of lower back pain- we sit all day.


It really is as simple as that, get-up out of your chair more often and do the reverse of sitting (in most cases).


Here is a simple video explaining about sitting in addition to some other bonus tips.



We currently spend 50 billion dollar a year on the management of lower back pain. Perhaps we need to rethink our strategy as a health consumer and country by not sitting as much or as long and getting back out roots as human of standing up right. If our discs and spine has the most pressure on it sitting, wouldn’t it make sense to stand more?


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