Does Your Shoulder Have This Problem?

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When the shoulder is injured or not working effectively, it can usually be caused by several key problems but this one may be the most important of all….


Usually things such as playing golf, gardening, throwing a football, or even reaching behind your back pocket to grab your wallet is troublesome when this problem occurs.


Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what is going on when your shoulder and have this problem fixed?


Sure it would.


It would also be good to know that you won’t need surgery or become reliant on painkiller just to get through your 18 holes of golf, performing your athletic competition, or just to get through work.


The big problem is….


Your shoulder blade may not be moving enough or not strong enough to hold your shoulder in place.


You see, our shoulder blade forms our shoulder joint.


The humerus (shoulder bone) fits directly into the scapula (shoulder blade).


When the shoulder blade isn’t moving enough or becomes weak, the shoulder joint and muscles surrounding the joint have to work harder and often times results in pain and difficulty performing your sport or activity especially for athletes, weekend warriors, and those aged 55+.


The shoulder blade has 22 muscles attaching directly to the shoulder blade so it has to be important, right?


I am no rocket scientists, but when more muscles connect to a bone that usually means it’s important.


That being said, you can start the process by trying to strengthen the muscles around your shoulder blade.

Generally speaking, there are three muscles we want to strengthen while a few others we want to stretch.

Our bodies tend to get tight in the upper trapezius, rhomboids, and levator scapulae muscles while becoming weak and inhibited at the lower and middle trap and serratus anterior muscles.

These muscles work as a unit and as a whole to help your shoulder stay healthy.

When not working, the shoulder moves abnormally and can result in rotator cuff tears, tendonitis, and other shoulder symptoms.

You can do a quick search on “google” and you can find some basic exercises that should do the trick.

If this doesn’t work or you are looking to see exactly which muscles you will need strengthened then you can claim your spot for a FREE consultation by calling our office at: 239-242-0070
When you do come in, we will give you an accurate diagnosis with our proven 18 Step Shoulder Examination and we will show you which activities to avoid and how you can ease your shoulder aches and pains naturally.

This sounds much better than surgery, right?

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