Oh my aching back! 😫

Back pain is the number one complaint heard by doctors all over the world.

Right there – in the picture – is a pain pretty much everyone can identify with. It is the unmistakable sign of back pain. The wincing face, the bracing stance, the reach-around muscle grab. Yup – this is one hurting fellow. Back pain is the number one reason that people world-wide visit their doctor. It’s also the number one reason that people miss work. And it’s the number one complaint that we hear in our clinic.


There are many different reasons why a person will develop back pain. It’s an affliction that crosses all age, fitness and gender boundaries. Some back pain is chronic – flaring up with one missed step, one thoughtless twist, or one sudden movement. Some back pain is the result of an injury or occurs as a symptom of another underlying condition. And some back pain is due to compressed nerves or slipped discs.


Whatever the causes of your back pain, there are steps that you can take to prevent painful flare-ups or lessen the severity of pain when it occurs. Chief among these preventative measures is stretching! Keeping your back muscles limber and ready for action will help prevent the lock-ups and strains that result in that nagging back pain that makes finding a comfortable spot nearly impossible. If you are prone to back pain flare-ups, you can be extra careful picking up heavy objects – and asking for help when necessary – and moving deliberately and with intent to avoid the sudden movements that can result in weeks of painful recovery.


So, what to do when you’ve been neglecting your stretching and your back begins to hurt like a toothache? Or your leashed dog decides without notice that he’s going to chase a squirrel, taking you on a wild ride of pain? We all know about heat and ice – but how do you decide? And how long should you suffer before calling for an appointment? Hint: Ice should be used to reduce inflammation – such as that sustained by a sudden injury. And heat is best for relieving tightness, such as that which you would experience after being seated for hours on a long flight. Just tune into our Weekly Wellness Connection video series on back pain for more information!

Getting Help

If your back pain is severe, or lasts for two weeks or more, give us a call here at Allied Physical Therapy Wellness Community. We can evaluate what is causing that pain and make recommendations for effective treatments – so you can get back to what you love! No drugs, surgery or doctor’s referral required! We have an excellent track record – just ask our guests! See our testimonials on our website at alliedpt.com.

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