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We sure do ask a lot of our knees – they hold us up, bend us down, get us up the stairs, out of a chair, and deliver us to our destination – be it the refrigerator or our next flight. Our knees are designed to support us over millions of steps in our lifetime, and as such they are the most-taxed joints in the human body. Tendonitis, ligament tears, osteoarthritis, fluid build-up and dislocated knee caps are some of the most common types of knee problems; many caused by simple wear and tear on the joint over a lifetime. And all of these knee problems can cause different types of pain with varying degrees of severity. But they all have one thing in common – the potential to separate you from the things you love – or need – to do. Of course, when something hurts, our first instinct it to stop moving it. And it’s instinct for a reason – further movement immediately after injury can cause further damage, lengthening recovery time. This is why experts recommend the RICE method for treatment of injuries: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. However, many people – you’d be surprised at how many – often get stuck in the “R” – Rest – stage of treatment.

The key to recovery is movement. You have heard the old saying, ‘Move it or lose it!” It’s an old saying for the simple reason that it is true. Those who stop moving risk entering a cycle of pain; they stop moving because it hurts, and it hurts because they’ve stopped moving.

The good news is that many of these conditions can be helped with good old-fashioned exercise, or physical therapy – no risky surgery to contemplate, no drugs to become addicted to.

We invite you to download our eBook, “Knee Pain: Seven Strategies for Reducing Chronic and Acute Flare-Ups.” Inside, you will find tips to help alleviate knee pain and get yourself moving again. And you’ll probably be surprised to learn that you’ve been icing your knee incorrectly!

If you’re not feeling better in a week, your Allied specialists are standing by, ready to guide you in your treatment journey. We can help get you back to everything you love about your time in the Florida sun before the grandkids start arriving for the holidays! Don’t delay – call today!

Are you an “everyday althlete?” 🤔 

Every professional sports team has physical therapy experts on staff to help athletes recover from injuries to their body parts sustained during the heat of battle. These same therapists also help athletes prepare their bodies for the demands of rigorous workouts, helping them to hone their pitches, free throws and slapshots so they can bring their best selves to the game.

But what about those everyday athletes – doing battle in the concrete jungles of our cities and towns as delivery drivers, construction workers, and landscape architects? They too suffer the consequences of physically demanding work – without the professional sports paycheck and on-call physical therapy staff to help them recover from the aches and pains that are inherent with physically demanding work.

Well, we’ve got good news for you, too! The Allied Physical Therapy team knows exactly what it takes to help you recover from those aches and pains, while teaching you better ways of tackling those demanding tasks with less strain on your arms, legs, elbows, knees and back. Give us a call for a free consultation – you have nothing to lose but the pain!


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What is Physical Therapy?

Of course, you have options when it comes to seeking help for treatment of your aches, pains and injuries. But how to decide? Should you call your doctor first? Read on to learn more about making the right choice for you.


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