Get Back to What You Love

Physical Therapy to guide you back to doing whatever it is you love to do.


Schedule a Discovery session

Your journey begins by discovering where we can help. This evaluation session with a physical therapist will help define where you want to be and guide you in the direction you need to go.


Follow “The Path”

Once you know where you want to be and directions to get there, you have to follow the path to reach the destination. This includes your number of visits, exercises, and lifestyle changes that need to be adjusted.


Get Back to What You Love

While your journey towards wellness never ends, your goal is reached when you are back doing what you love and using the habits you’ve learned to continue to advance forward.

Do I need a Doctor's prescription?

No! No prescription is required to see a Doctor of Physical Therapy. You can save time and money by coming directly to us. Insurances will pay for physical therapy just like if you had a Drs prescription. There are some very small exceptions to this and we’ll let you know if that applies to you.

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