• Eliminate or Reduce Pain Naturally eliminate pain without surgery or painkillers! Learn how in our FREE eBooks!

  • Skip the Script Skip the Doctor's prescription and come directly to us.
    Save time and money.

  • Getting You Back to What You Love Doing We're passionate about getting you back to what matters most to you.
    Learn how we approach your health.

  • Rehabilitating Pelvic Floor & Girdle Evidence based treatment to provide longterm relief from pelvic,
    rectal, urinary, and post-partum conditions.

  • Physical Therapy vs Surgery Many view surgery as a quick fix but is it really the best option?

  • Physical Therapy vs Medication Medication only masks the pain
    physical therapy can help fix the problem

  • Physical Therapy vs Chiropractic Care Chiropractic care can reduce pain
    but does it fix the cause of pain like physical therapy can?

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Many of our clinicians are therapists as a result of receiving PT treatment and experiencing first hand the significant role rehabilitation plays in returning to an active lifestyle.

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The road to recovery, can seem daunting at first. Some of our former patients share how Allied Physical Therapy has helped them get back to what they love doing.

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