What is the Rotator Cuff and It’s Function …

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Have you ever heard of someone tearing their rotator cuff? Sure you have.


The rotator cuff is very important for reaching overhead, playing athletics and sport, and an array of other activities.


Yet, when the rotator cuff gets injured all of these things become more difficult. 


Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an athlete, or aged 55+, you need to have a strong rotator cuff.


The rotator cuff consists of four small muscles:

  1. Supraspinatus
  2. Infraspinatus
  3. Teres Minor
  4. Subscapularis


These muscles have play a role in kicking your arm out to the side of your body, similar to a tennis backhand, or even rotating your shoulder inward.


Although the rotator cuff does these actions, its MAJOR importance is to keep your shoulder in it’s socket.


When we perform any task such as swinging a golf club, throwing a baseball, or even lifting your arm overhead, the rotator cuff is working to keep your shoulder in it’s socket.


After trauma, weakness, or even degeneration as we age, we lose this vital factor and can develop an array of shoulder symptoms.


The most common symptoms experiences when having a rotator cuff injury include:


  1. Reaching behind your back
  2. Lifting overhead
  3. Difficulty moving your arm inward or outward
  4. Performing Sport Activities


You may be asking, “ Where do I start to discern if I have a rotator cuff injury?”


I am glad you asked!


In most situations your shoulder will typically heal on its own, however, if it hasn’t gotten better after two weeks of time, you will need to see someone that specializes and knows exactly how to treat the shoulder especially for athletes, weekend warriors, and those aged 55+.


To see exactly what is going on with your shoulder, you can do so by Registering HERE to see one of our rock star shoulder experts for our 

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