The Pelvic Floor

What is Pelvic Floor?

The Pelvic Floor refers to the intricate muscles surrounding the pelvis. These muscles can suffer many of the same problems that other muscles of the body can suffer like being tight, weak, and being in spasm. Just like other muscles of the body, the muscles of the pelvic floor can be treated with physical therapy as well.

This unique type of physical therapy can aid both men and women in problems such as fecal and urinary incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain, complications with pregnancy, and many others.

Typical Conditions Treated:


The documents below are meant to be an aid to help and instruct our Pelvic Floor patients:


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Instructions for Urinary Log Download
Urinary Log Download
Instructions for Bowel Diary Download
Bowel Diary Download
Bristol Stool Form Scale Download