Doctor of Physical Therapy

Scott Gray DPT, CSCS, ART

Originally from Lowell, Indiana, Dr. Scott Gray has been practicing since 2015.  He holds a BS from Butler University and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine. He is a Specialty and Fellowship Trained Sport & Spine Physical Therapist.

With a true passion for athletics and healing, Dr. Gray has trained all levels of athletes from high level, Olympic to collegiate and high school.  Specializing in sport and spine conditions, Dr. Gray guides patients through the healing process and enjoys watching them make progress along the way.

Each and every week Dr. Gray helps patients of all ages avoid surgery, relying on painkillers, or invasive treatments with a full body appraoch to alleviate neck and back pain naturally . Dr. Gray's methods and treatments for the spine are one of a kind and  are so effective that  many come from across SW Florida to see him. As an author and lecturer of the spine, he helps many other physios take this same approach to his treatment.

Through his experiences helping others, Dr. Gray believes that your mindset is the most important part of getting better. He tries to help patients not only correct their physical issues, but change any false beliefs about their recovery so that they can heal.

An international speaker and podcaster, Dr. Gray is dedicated to his craft. He enjoys a healthy and fit lifestyle.  In his spare time, he loves being outdoors, travel, reading and is Chicago Bears fan.