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It’s 4:30 in the morning in Louisville, KY I woke me up early this morning with a little heart burn from an incredible dinner at Pat’s Steak House last night. I am here for my first session with my Cohort for the Executive Program in Private Practice through Evidence in Motion. Their are 56 of us in our cohort, most all private physical therapy practice owners. The program is an executive style MBA format with a focus on private practice. Let me just say that this has been a phenomenal experience so far!

I wanted to share some topics that have resonated with me from this weekend’s experience. We heard from Jeff Hathaway discussing how to effectively negotiate. Jeff talked to effectively negotiate you need to carefully listen and listen with empathy. This is a skill and has to be intentionally developed. If we can truly put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and they feel understood then a win win solution can be obtained. This may seem obvious and simplistic but is not very common. I believe the adage “Slow is Fast” sums this up well and is critical for negotiating effectively.

Another area that is going to be a game changer for us is going through Chuck Felder’s course on finance and completing the Physical Therapy Benchmark. This tool will compare our practice to others and will help us be more strategic and make decisions based on solid data. We are in a exciting transition stage in our practice. Up to this point we have made a lot of decisions based on heart and assumption. As we grow we are going to need to be more strategic, base our decisions on data and have clear objective goals for our team.

The area I am most excited about is getting to know my instructors, classmates and sharing ideas and thinking outside the box. We have some very smart, passionate and extremely competent group in this cohort. Being a cyclist I was very impressed with Bruk Ballinger owner of Real Rehab in Washington state that has a bike shop in his PT practice….WOW…know that is thinking differently.

Lastly, I am very encouraged and proud of our team at Allied Physical Therapy! We have an awesome team! This weekend has confirmed we are on the right track and have a great organization! We are doing a lot of things right. I am looking forward to getting back home to share what I have learned with the clinic and being back with the family.

Do you really listen to your team, your suppliers, your referral sources?

Are you limiting yourself and your organization by what is status quo for your industry?

4 Responses to "Amazing Weekend"
  1. Chad says:

    Great thoughts Matt! Love what you guys are doing at Allied.

  2. Great to hear Matt, I am excited for you. Sounds like a great experience and I look forward to hearing more!

  3. Guy Barbary says:

    I like reading your updates, they are very encouraging. It’s nice to hear that the therapy world that most of us have become accustom to-the box (i.e. SNF, home health). Fortunately, is not the only type of therapy or therapy settings we can provide-out of the box. Stay motivated and keep motivating us.

  4. Dad says:

    Hi Matt – I enjoyed reading your blog even though a bit of time has gone by since your post. What I like is your team focus and giving them the credit for the high quality work you all do at Allied PT and the enthusiasm that comes from working together. Keep it up and be the example by serving their needs. Your patients will feel the results!


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