2012 Annual Leadership Summit

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This past Friday we had an amazing time at our 2nd Annual Leadership Summit.   Our focus as a team for 2011 and 2012 is building for the future.  As an organization our first priority has been to establish a new kind of culture.  This new culture is “The Knowledge Worker Age” consisting of the following:

  • Our people are our greatest asset
  • Find the right people and get out of the way!
  • Embracing failure of the team leads to growth
  • Take risks, imagine, make a difference
  • Whole mindedness we need both right and left brain

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We had individual team updates.  We reviewed our leadership structure modeled after the bicycle wheel.

  • The hub = vision/goals of APT
  • The Spokes=Teams
  • Tire-Moementum

“It was amazing to see how the entire team brought their contributions (goals) to the table to ulitmatiely achieve a bigger goal.”   -Elizabeth Padron


 We had lot’s of laughs and fun awarding our team members with their achievements and their unique habits.  My personal favorite Chris’s onesies he won’t have any trouble keeping his shirt tucked in anymore!


Our featured company this year was www.toms.com.  A remarkable company with a clear memorable vision.   Be sure to spend some time on their web site.  Here is a video we shared http://youtu.be/UhDa4Vh1e3s.


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In the afternoon  we learned about how to create a vision that sticks and the importance of a remarkable story.  We spent some time in small groups clarifying our story and vision…….stay tuned for something BIG, something REMARKABLE!!!


Special thanks to Stephanie Perez our Event Planner that made this event possible!!


4 Responses to "2012 Annual Leadership Summit"
  1. Dad says:

    Wow! Lot’s of new and creative ideas! Keep peddling, TEAM ALLIED 🙂

  2. Pal Turner says:

    The Allied Team does a great job- the values are clearly communicated and evidenced in variety of ways at the office.
    As a person who has received care at Allied, I congratulate Matt, Melissa and the entire staff on creating, not just a place of business, but an environment in which staff and clients are cared for and challenged to improve and reach their full potential.

  3. Dena Keely says:

    I love your VISION!! Also, I’m a huge fan of TOMS. Keep up the GREAT work!

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